Website First Look

Today, I began working on the layout for the homepage.

I don’t want this page to feel like a product. Like it’s trying to trap you, or trick you, or sell you things you already know, deep down, that you absolutely don’t need. Instead, I want you to be free from the grind and futility of modernity.

You will immediately feel that you have entered a place of peace and joy. This site will be a wonderful place which immerses you in the music, the artwork, and the artists who are working on this beautiful album.

It offers a serene escape from the slow, clunky, pervasively pushy sites and ads that barrage you on all of the other websites.

Here, this site exists as a vision of what could be. What we could build.




Living alongside the people we love.

Join me here in Arcadia. Let your soul be refreshed and inspired!