... a cinematic adventure ...

A Cinematic Piano Adventure

To Arcadia - Album Cover

To Arcadia is a solo piano album that will take you on a cinenatic adventure!

These songs will inspire you, excite you, calm you and uplift your soul.

If you are a fan of Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Jennifer Thomas, Kyle Landry, or Nils Frahm you will love this album.

What you can expect...

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated evening dinner party, putting your children to sleep at night, or focusing deeply on a project at work; the rich variety of styles, moods and compositions in To Arcadia will reflect and complement your energy level at all times.

The album is brimming with ‘breath-taking soundscapes that fill you with emotion’, described as ‘the most promising album of 2020’; soothing to the ears of children and delightfully refreshing to even the most refined pianists.

What critics are saying:

"Sylvius is a musician and composer with a rather unique approach to his sound and releases. What I love about his tracks is that they are beautifully cinematic. They don’t need lyrics in order to tell a compelling story, and in fact, the fact that these songs are instrumental makes them all the more eloquent in my book!" - Andrew "Laserlife"

With the trends of popular music today, we often forget the core principles of a song that draws our ears into the world of the artist as we feel every single note and lyrics. Producers are known well throughout music as providing the backdrop to numerous hits, but we are quick to forget just how important their role is. Pianist Sylvius is reminding the world of an art form not lost per se but merely forgotten. - Devon Culbert

"His unique approach suggests dedication indeed to this singular, sensuous body of music- romantic and beautifully cinematic. With refined, crystalline playing and charismatic persona, the artist takes over your soul with his music and leaves you yearning for true love." - Tamanna Lakhanpal

"The storytelling that emerges on this album has a great poignancy to it. A plucky disposition helps to punctuate the pieces. Done with such confidence and fire, the whole of the album swirls about in a glorious blissful haze. Rhythms go for a pastoral hue for they are constantly building up, growing until they reach a fevered pitch. By refusing to be pigeonholed, Sylvius incorporates elements of classical, the theatrical, with a cinematic air to it all. Every piece plays off the last too ensuring that the whole of the entire collection works best when taken in as a singular whole. " - BeachSloth

"This was a fantastic listen because the recordings are stripped completely down and the project wasn’t some over-the-top, over-produced production full of bells & whistles. The result is refreshing to say the least and the effect it will have on the listener is immense." - Jimmy Rae

Sylvius' Story:

For years, I've been playing and writing complex rock, jazz, metal. Very flashy. Big sounds. Punchy percussion.

This year, I wanted to try something DIFFERENT. My personal journey has brought me down the path of minimalism. I've found contentment and fulfillment in doing MORE with LESS. So, I wanted to see if those learnings in my personal journey could be applied to the way I compose music.

To Arcadia is the album which perfectly captures that idea. I limited myself to just writing music using the piano. Nothing else. No strings. No percussion. No ambient sounds. Just piano.

Using just a piano forces me to focus on the ESSENCE of the music, and the EMOTIONS that I am trying to express. The limitations add a clarity and a depth that I hadn't expected before I began writing solo piano music.

This year is also the year I got married. Two of the songs on this album were played in our wedding. I wrote Here With Me as a piece for my fiancée for Valentine's day. Our Adventure Begins was a piece I wrote specifically for our wedding recessional.

These songs are written to you on an epic journey, filled with emotion. You will feel excitement, anticipation, peace, awe, beauty, contentment, yearning, and joy. You will experience very different types of music, inspired by many genres but written specifically for a piano.

I invite you to join me in this journey. This music will inspire you, calm you, and uplift you.

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